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4-22-2021 Audio for DJ Doonz set was canceled

But, we decided to work on The Van audio instead.

This is the first time I've had the chance to play with Alex's Kalimba! Fun fact, my first niece is named Kalimba which is the only reason I knew the name of this instrument. It's also referred to and Alex calls it a thumb piano. We were going through the audio, I think Jaz wasn't able to work on Doonz because he was busy working on other things. I probably mentioned this in another blog haha but these have zero views so I'll just repeat why these two projects are related. The trade to film the 45 minute-hour long DJ set at the sand dunes was he promised to score The Van. I personally really like working this way and for trades, at least when both parties follow through, it's cool.

Yup, Alex is hard at work and I am fucking around.

He's got a lot of fun stuff in his studio. And I have since bought my own Kalimba, but it'll never be as wonderful as my beautiful neice.

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