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4-29-2021 DJ DOONZ EDIT

Finally, I got to sit in on editing the DJ Doonz set.

We take turns in the editing chair. It's about a 45 minute long DJ set and they have most of the footage lined up. But today, we were adjusting most of the beginning to line the video up with the new song. The day we shot it, him improvised and created the music on the spot, but didn't save the recording. So he had to recreate it and try to match it as closely as he could to the on camera sound. He got really close, the transitions are slightly different but otherwise it's very close to the same thing. So, we were moving things around and adjusting for the slight differences, while trying to find interesting ways to transition shots and use the beauty of the sand dunes and starts for other visuals.

That is who I call DJ DOONZ flashing the peace sign. His birth name is Jaz.

Alex and my eye.


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