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5-19-2021 Relight Shoot

I was the leading actor in this commercial shoot for an HR assistance company.

Normally, I try to stay away from commercials, even though they pay the most, typically. I don't audition for commercials, I typically audition for passion films and things like that. But, Eric asked if I would send a voice over in for this a few weeks ago. I did and the director (with the grey hoodie and brown hat Carlos) he rewrote the script to have me in it. So, here I am acting as a tame Willie Wonka for a small commercial production.

We used the party hats again, though! HA, I wish I had just gotten the top hat for this, it would have fit the vibe. But, I got to use the party hat at the end which is still silly and fun.

Only acting and not being part of the crew confuses me sometimes. It's really nice because I'm not running around like the gaffer and moving things and trying to fix shadows. I'm just acting today. I messed up lines toward the end there and it stresses me out. But otherwise it was really fun and made me reconsider doing commercial work.

I'm only posting photos from my phone, so I wasn't snapping pictures while I was performing or anything. This selfie was taken the day after, but this is the shirt I wore and basically how my hair and makeup looked.

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