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6-11-2021 Horror Bar Continued

Horror Bar continues to meet and get roots for it's next film and the ads we have promised the bar in return. Eric Paton got this entire filmmaking group together to have a space to create films and be able to have them shown in a busy successful on big screens. In return, we would make videos for their drink menu that would rotate and change every quarter. This was all at Horror Bar.

Met some neat people. I was tasked with making a video for the Beatle Juice Drink and something for the Photo Booth. I wrote something for both and sent them to Eric, he didn't seem to like my creative ideas though hahah!

Unfortunately, it seems the man that started the bar and was helping us and giving us the keys to this possibility, had gotten some bad rap on social media. Not long after this, Eric decided we couldn't do that anymore and now he has created Horrible Things in place of. At Horrible Things, Eric hosted a screening of The Thing so far, at my old movie theater job. It's a place to screen things, but not the same as having full permission to use a space to create some awesome art and have it screened in a busy place that already has a clientele who would be interested in what we are trying to make. A place where we could also give back and help promote them.

I don't like to use social media, but when I google horror bar the first two links are the same article with accusations that I was told went unverified in any real way. I have been told, the man who started the company has sewed the person who has accused him and has been since asked to leave the bar.

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