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Alex Pace

Alex is one of the creators and founders of the DUNFURFUN Production team.  He is one of our top producers and constantly adding to the Denver film and music scene. 


Alex is in multiple metal bands, he is also the leader of capturing live shows and music videos created by DUNFURFUN. 

Original creator of the YouTube show, Mediocre Cooking.  Alex started his directing debut with the short animated film 'Smells Like Rain' and the 'Khemmis's cover of Rainbow in the Dark' music video, with more in the works to come. 

Recently, he started writing short films that will go into production mid to late 2020.  A podcast and Call in Show called "You're on the Phone" and consistently creating more.

Producer and CoCreator of DUNFURFUN 


You're on the Phone

Alex created his own call in show! 

Alex as Stephanie from mediocre Cooking.

Mediocre Cooking

space kadet instagram.jpg

Instagram Personality

Alex created his own cooking show! 

Alex produced, directed, and edited the Khemmis video.


Alex produced, directed, and edited the Shepherd videos.

destruent records.jpg

Alex produced, directed, and edited the Shepherd videos.

Alex debut to writing, directing, and editing a short film.

destruent records.jpg
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