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Art Directing



BTS from Patient Seven with Michel Ironside and Amanda
behind the scenes.gif
BTS Metallica art director, stunt man, and stunt coriographer
BTS Metallica - Spit Out The Bone set
Amanda Puppeteering for Metallica - Spit Out the Bone

Amanda has been obsessed with many different art forms since before she could speak.  She aspires to help other people find their creative outlets and passions through the art she creates, and the art that she helps others create.


Amanda started art directing for independent films & music videos in the greater Los Angeles area while attending acting school.  During her acting school attendance, she worked as the theater department's prop assistant manager, and a costume department assistant. 


Amanda wanted to transition from theater to film.  The film world, so far, is an ultimate showcase of many different forms of art! So, she switched her focus and reached out to people, used her available prop and wardrobe resources, helping produce projects and put things together, finding makeup artists, and helpful people who also wanted to collaborate to make cool stuff!

Art director Amanda is the ROBOT GOD from Metallica

Amanda's most notable Art Directing credit was probably for METALLICA'S - SPIT OUT THE BONE! 

Her adventures with parkour is what led her to Art Directing this Metallica music video.  The journey to Metallica began with the ol' "right place at the right time" situation. 


Practicing parkour late at the Valley Tempest gym, a cameraman working on a proof of concept, asked Amanda to "stand-in" for parkour demons!  She wasn't the best parkour athlete by any means, she was average at best.  However, her acting background, keen interest in the paranormal especially demons, and love for getting into a character made her performance stand out to the director and she was offered the part in DISTURBED'S - THE VENGEFUL ONE.

Set Dressing and design
Amanda as Hope in Disturbed - The Vengeful One
Amanda as a stand in for Distrubed Vengeful One
Amanda and Chidi BTS The Vengeful One
Disturbed "hush" post "can't tell"
BTS Disturbed The Vengeful One

From this Disturbed music video, people who worked with Amanda on set started asking the director about her, so he looked her up and found her art online.  That led to Amanda art directing the Metallica music video.  Also from the Disturbed video, Amanda created a character that made the cast and crew laugh, which led to the director writing a part specifically for Amanda in one of his passion projects.  Character created named Major Bitch in the Dario Bava - Orgie of the Blood Freaks.

Amanda's passion for acting and character work has stayed with her and she's fortunate for the performing opportunities she's been given.  She helps onsets in every way she can, she produces and edits, she is involved in all aspects of filmmaking and enjoys being in the art department at any capacity,  making props and set design and decorating, even building sets are among her favorite BTS jobs! Amanda also works steadily as a freelance camera operator, DP, AC, grip, PA, onset sound, production, scripty, AD, editor, and many other roles Behind The Scenes. 


This is just the beginning of the Behind the Scenes of Amanda as the creative, adventurous, journey continues.

Amanda making friends with costume people BTS Patient Seven
Amanda Art Directiong short film RACE WAR
The Apachie's Wife BTS
Metallica set Art Director
Set of Race War - Amanda set dress AD
BTS Race War - art director Amana's set
Amanda Graeff FXs and makeup on Demon
Scott Ramp makeup on Amanda
BTS Lucas Bakker - Circus video - Amanda actress and producer
bad mua.jpg

Below are some sets that Amanda helped produce, art directed, designed and made costumes.


sean racewar.jpg
street shadow.jpg
gambit face.jpg
angry travis from gambit.jpg
fairy in costume.PNG

Amanda does many mediums of art, such as pottery, sculpting, toy-art, woodworking, welding, drawing, painting, and more, but we are limited to photos that Amanda has provided.  Below are some photos of some of her work. 

Race War poster art by Amanda Graeff
Painting photo by Amanda
Beyond the Door Poster by Amanda Graeff
Amanda paintings for donation film trivia prize winner
Major Bitch journal entries
Lonesome boy - by Amanda Graeff
Cover Art and more
BTS Gallery
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