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Eric Thomas Paton



Cinematographer & Director of Photography 

Eric Thomas Paton is a talented editor, director of photography, and so much more.  Eric can be found working in New York City, Denver, and all over the globe as a hot commodity.  

The DunFurFun team likes to think of Eric as a Guru of onset and  post production.  We go to him with all our questions because he's full of answers or suggestions to try and find a solution.  Full of wisdom and talent in his field of work , Eric is a hard worker and a joy to be around.  All productions are blessed whenever they have Eric's help in any way.

Click Eric's photo to keep up with him and see some of his other work!



Eric Thomas Paton Originals!

This official music video above was created by Eric himself.  A man of many talents ready to help artists create the best content!


DunFurFun gif.gif

Eric Thomas Paton has worked on and made many projects.  His involvement with DunFurFun Productions is not limited to these, but we are very excited about these.


Eric is the cinematographer and producer of the multiple award-winning short film THE VAN!


Eric is also the cinematographer and producer for the student film Beyond The Door, shot with DunFurFun Productions and Trinidad State College.



The Van - walk-updated laurals 5-18-2022.jpg
beyond the door poster(3).jpg
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