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Kendra Stone

Seamstress and Art Department

Costume designer, writer, and multi medium artist, Kendra is also a math wiz . 


Kendra has recently joined the DUNFURFUN's team as a leader in the art department.   She has also been known to help with Assistant Directing on top of making costumes, set decorating, and more. 


As a jack of all traits, Kendra is a writer to! Her directing debut is in pre-production to shoot a short film/scene!  The scene is from a book called Blood of Virshue viewable by clicking on her photo!

Her specialty and obsession lately has been making custom corsets for as many women as she can.  If you are in the local Colorado area and are interested, you can contact her, or myself below!


She also creates and upholsters vintage chaise lounges, love seats, and a variety of antique furniture for set pieces and personal style.

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