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5-12-2021 Horror Bar Pre Production Promo

We met, we discussed, and found that Texas Chainsaw Massacre put a cease and desist notice to the bar about it's promotion already so we are going to change directions.

Eric put together a crew. We have expanded DunFurFun and our Colorado Film community because of that guy in black with the brown adventure jacket Eric Thomas Paton.

In the center with the yellow hat is Daniel whom we met at the Churn Creative Studio introduced by Eric. Daniel is the founder and owner of Churn. On the left of the screen, the gentleman with the black shirt and black mask is Maitland, he also works at Churn Creative Studio with and for Daniel.

The lady with the tattoos, Halloween III shirt and grey mask is Molly, this is the first I'm meeting her but she's a recent film school graduate and has done PA work with Post Modern and has worked with Eric, Daniel, and Maitland on other sets.

The Gentleman with all the tattoos on the right side of the photo is Nate, he owns the place and started the concept of the bar!

Alex isn't in the picture but he's here with us as Producer and Sound for most DunFurFun projects.

That guy in the background with the black hat and pink claw hand printed on his shirt walking toward the left of the picture is Luke. He is one of the founders of the bar and tends to have cameos in our projects. Luke is one of the original PAs and producers for Mediocre Cooking.

We will be shooting the next film's proof of concept Sinner's Prize here. We will also be doing fun promotional horror based advertisement for Horror Bar.

But, before meeting there in the morning I passed this cool DINO ON A BOARD hah. I appreciate this tag, it was next to a series of costume shops we went into for an advertisement project to take place in on 5/19.

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