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7-23-2021 Wings of Hope shoot

I didn't actually take any photos from this shoot. It was the most interesting thing ever and I kind of wish I would be editing it. They considered letting me, but the producer is going to edit it instead.

Pancreatic cancer seems to be one of the more brutal cancers that we don't even have effective medicine for. But, this program through the wings of hope is working on the science to do all they can to change this. I could tell the scientists that were being interviewed really cared about the subject and were extremely knowledgeable and it seems they can't do studies without doing research on animals. Apparently this lab, the doctors and scientists here in Denver working with this school and the children's hospital and in the central hub for the medical science school, are leading in the world for this research. They have had the most progress and have developed medication that works for a time and then curves off and they are doing their best to find out why it works for some people and not others and so on.

I was monitoring sound for this and helping setup and break down equipment as a production assistant.

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