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7-24-2021 Herbalist shoot

Last minute I filled in for someone who was sick. The Assistant Camera for the channel 9 news shoot reached out to me to help and I was available and I'm glad I was. For Herbalism Roots educational videos.

Beautiful people. They said I was their people and somehow they might be right. Kinda witchy, I have aliens on my stuff and had talking boards for earrings haha. Learned a lot this day!

Apparently in this kind of therapy, it shares things with acupuncture. I hadn't known anything about any of this, found it fascinating with how quickly results were proven in front of us for their training videos.

What I took away from this is the ear is referred to as an upside-down fetus and as she rubbed the abdomen of the "fetus" the lady's stomach started growling loud. The teacher said that's normal because we are rubbing the stomach part, or she's hungry. The model/student said "I ate breakfast!"

Sean, this is the camera man who asked me to help with this job today, and put me forward for an upcoming parkour film that I will probably run sound for.

Selfie. I was running one camera/ or just monitoring it for the most part and changing focos, I also laved people up and monitored sound, and of course general duties of set up and clean up. It was a 2 man crew just myself and Sean so, we figured it out. Helped with lights and whatever I could. He's easy to work with and allows me to give feedback and suggestions and I like that he's open to what I have to say unlike some other shoots.

Took this while driving.

Upper studio.

When I got home Andrew was doing neat shit.

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