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4-23-2021 Another Audition

I prepared for this one a little bit more than the last.

The van is my hub of creativity and auditions. I used that sheet to soften light and not use the ring lights this time.

To the camera this can have a nice soft glow look on the face.

I used the red curtain for this one, there was a reason but it escapes me now. I ran in to take these photos for this unseen blog days after shooting and sending it to the casting directors.

The latter in front of the mirror is because I clipped the gopro on the latter and used the mirror as visual points for me to address other characters. Since I prerecord the dialogue from other characters and do all my auditions by myself, choosing spots to look at for each character really helps me see the make believe space that I am in. It can also be nice to make eye contact with someone, even though it's just myself it makes a difference.

View from the back. This picture makes me feel claustrophobic haha. But actually being in the space is so nice, I really like it. it's the adventure mobile! I put a lot of work and foewood flooring into this space.

I normally wouldn't share this, but by the time someone is interested in these blogs, if anyone looks into them at all, this should already be on air or not matter.

So, I have been using BackStage for most of my auditions these days. Not all, some are local in person, a lot of the times it's who you know and jobs are offered to me, and there are other avenues.

Screenshotting this is really cool! I should always do that, I like looking back at the character descriptions, and initial payment offered, and all of that stuff. This particular listing didn't give a number for pay. Payment is listed as TBD and Professional Pay. From an independent company and what most listings on this site offers people who don't have representation, we are looking at $100-$150 a day, but negotiable. In order for me to go there and shoot I would need 3 times that or at least room and board taken care of. But, I liked the idea of it all. In the application breakdown before this page, they compared the project to the show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" which I also like. The sides that were provided for me to audition with reminded me of the show "Cheers" and I watched all of that show and really enjoyed it.

As far as putting more effort into this audition compared to the last one, I actually broke down the script and studied it for a while. I write all over the sides. It reminds me of how much I love acting and the filmmaking journey. I try not to think too much about the audition after doing it though. Typically it's bad luck to even talk about them. But I'm basically talking to myself so it's all good.

I probably didn't book it, and if I do continue to post most audition stuff, please don't ask if I booked the job hahaha because chances are I did not. I won't know for a long time or won't know at all in many cases.

This character being described in a way that isn't someone I would look up to or want to be in the real world, makes me love her as a character. Gives me the excuse to get to be that kind of person and I try to find ways t o like them though performing and thinking about who they are deep down and creating a backstory and life for them and all that mumbo jumbo. Super fun and freeing.

I'm getting tired, fading fast, it's almost tomorrow! I'll leave it here for now.

Good night internet.

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