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4-25-2021 Eric and city Drone stuff

Eric Paton highered me to help with getting some drone footage in the middle of the city.

Learned a lot about these little guys! They have about a 22 minute battery life, they have boundaries that are visible by the gps and you can use a smart phone to see what the drone sees.

I was mostly the lookout. While he flew and watched what the drone was capturing, I kept a close eye on the drone itself. Apparently birds will attack it sometimes, we could lose it, he could accidently fly it into something as he's not able to watch the drone and the footage at the same time. I was like a spotter and helped lug equipment around. Had so much fun though!

He let me use the rhonin and we explored all kinds of cool stuff!

The Denver graffiti scene is talented!

Sometimes getting footage is a lot of walking around and capturing what we see.

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