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5-1-2021 Art Adventures! We explored a vacant theater

We explored a beautiful vaudeville style theater built in 1908.

I was holding off on this post for a while because we got such cool footage that I wanted to put it together into some sort of sneak peak for the blog but, it's taking more time than I care to hold off on this.

The Fox Theater has been condemned for some years now. But, I used to watch movies here as a kid. So, it's only been closed for the last 5-10 years or so.

But, it has a huge asbestos problem, and the pink paint is 70% led! Along with crumbling balconies. It's still a gorgeous theater and has a vaudeville charm to it, and an opera feel with over 100 feet from the top of the theater to under the stage.

There are rumors of a bleeding wall

We didn't expect to have access to the building this night. It's the first time I asked the city or anyone permission to explore a place and pitched the Art Adventures idea to anyone. But late at night, one of the city workers gave us a tour and then let us stay alone for a while. I personally believe the colors on the wall has something to do with bad pipes and the led paint, though there are a lot of ghost stories surrounding the building. I did have one odd thing happen or coincidence, and felt a little odd in 3 different areas. I plan on going back and doing a full investigation and using the ouija board because why the fuck not!

The best place to start watching this is about 2:50 in. Now, this is uncut and everything is raw footage with no editing or anything so it's kind of long. The boys were framing things up to have a film look through their cameras and I'm getting behind the scenes with my night vision camera and not being cinematic at all. However when I start to get creepy or weird or whatever you want to call it, I did it as a reflex of being afraid. I really wanted to go down those stairs for whatever reason and we did end up going down them later. We also went down with the tour guide. I have some odd feeling surrounding this spot for whatever reason, and the minute I decided to face my fear and go down the stairs even though I was scared, the minute my foot touched that first step, Alex called my name. The minute I said I was scared an orb or some dust came up the stairs.

This whole day was awesome. We started off by going to the TSJC theater to talk to the director since we will be shooting his play on the 15th or that weekend of. We were supposed to shoot it on the this day but, they weren't ready.

Then we met the lady from the city who is letting us explore the Fox Theater and she was so fun!! Her name is Jonel and I want to be best friends with her, I need more people like her in my life.

There was some comedy festival in town, that I believe Jonel set up and there were a lot of stand up comedians all around. So, we watched some comedy and mingled for a little bit then explored the Fox Theater. I wish I could have stayed there longer. We will be back, with better lights, more batteries, and time :D!

This is a photo that someone else took probably when the theater was still in service. This is what it looked like when I went to watch movies as a kid, yup paint peeling and all.but it's grand and beautiful. Noone is allowed on that 3rd level because it's collapsing, and same for the fist two rows on the 2nd balcony. Which is probably why the chairs are different colors.

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