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5-15&16-2021 Filming the TSJC Play

Joe Reorda III was my first director when I was in grade school. He's wearing the green shirt.

We wore party hats because I had them in the car from Alex's birthday party. But, I also think they are super fun! This was the actors first time being on screen and doing anything like this with cameras in their faces, I think those party hats made the whole experience less scary. ;-)

Eric doing his DP thing and I was doing producer things, Alex was doing Sound things, Daniel was doing lighting things, Joe was doing actor direction things, and all the actors were doing actor things. Oh, and the stage flats were doing stage wall things.

I like when they clean the lenses and body of the camera with that little blow thingy.

I had a hell of a lot of fun shooting this, I'm scared to edit it but Alex is going to help me line everything up with a program made for that and then I'll be putting this together and sending it to Joe for notes and back and forth.

It took us two days to shoot everything and we cut a lot out at the end to make it shorter. I played a cameo at the very end of the play. Everyone seemed exhausted by the end, but I think we will all be happy with the end product. Everyone was very impressed with Daniel (my brother and lighting designer) his gaffing skills and light design were on point! He did each light individually, the board he was using doesn't have preset options so it was all live with the performance and took on it's own character and looked great in camera.

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