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5-2-2021 Cartopia

The art of cartopia! And the Abandoned East Street School

I called them and asked for an interview but they did not open the door when I rang the doorbell a few times. So we recorded what was on the outside lot and will set up another interview later. But it was neat, they have some funky stuff here.

Then we got B roll for the Fox Theater from the day before. B roll is just extra footage, exterior shots of the building and so on.

Then we took a look an an abandoned school called East Street School. It's been abandoned since I was in highs School. But, when I was in highschool I climbed on the side stairs railing, that railing by the door there, then it had a roof layer then another roof layer.

After getting onto the higher roof from there, we then used a power cable that was already on the roof and matrix style shimmied down one of those large vents into the building. I thought it was a chimney but it wasn't it led to the back of boys bathroom. BUT THE CORD I USED IS STILL THERE TO THIS DAY! Look, there it is.

Back then the emergency lights were still flickering in the building and it was creepy. Stuff was still there, like it was frozen in time. Eventually we found a door that led to the outside and unlocked it so we could go back in and have night airsoft games with some friends. But, eventually other kids got in because we left the door open and trashed the place, breaking everything they could. It was sad, and now everything even the ram pleading to that door is boarded off.

We did not get into the building during this visit. Now that we had permission for one building, getting permission seems the best way to explore a place because then you know what the dangers are and it's easier, also you don't have to worry about a B&E charge. So, we just took some video of the outside, scouting for our next adventure.

We will be back.

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