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5-24-2021 Meeting with editor Sarah & Van Sound levels

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Sarah has agreed to do a test trial of editing the Ed interview for Art Adventures!

Sarah is a talented artist and just graduated from film school looking to edit. Will she be a permanent part of the DunFurFun production team?!

We had Thai Tea again because I keep buying bags of the Thai Tea mix from that one company Amazon and give them to people, so I can drink it everywhere I Go! How we party.

Baster sat next to me and made me feel special. Sarah laughs as Alex is excited about his social media show You're On The Phone!

After taking Sarah home we got to work on our Best Year Book club stuff and then editing. I am working on an audition that I shot this morning before picking Sarah up from one of her day jobs. I need to edit it because I add in the other character's lines this way, I'm alone when I'm recording it in the van (Mobile Studio). And Alex is lining up audio for The Van, the short film.

Friend who is on Alex's screen to the left, had a doctor's appointment after I shot the audition and right before picking Sarah up. Before the audition I cut my bangs and they don't look good. It was a time managed kind of day.

I feel kind of bad, I shouldn't be working on two of my things at the same time. I should be editing the Beyond the Door short film or something, I just needed to get this in asap. And I'm still trying to figure out this new pluraleyes program in order to get it all done. And instead of doing it now, I'm doing this blog!

Working on so much stuff with my face in it makes me feel narcissistic and crummy. I wish we were done with The Van film already, but at this rate it has to be the best it can be. So, I can't just wash my hands of it, the time matters. Right?

I hope Sarah wants to keep editing for us, that way I won't have to look at myself so much. And if she likes doing it and enjoys it that would be so cool! I can just act and be and not look at it over and over, and she can do something she likes to. Or maybe I change courses, consider my cognitive dissonance. Drive to keep going and be humble, but still share things...I feel like a fool sometimes. I'll just stay busy and not think about it all too much.

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