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5-4-2021 I was a guest for Alex's Livestream Show

Alex's Live Callin Show! He had me on for his birthday special that premiered on Reddit.

I don't like social media. I'm not good at it and I just don't like dealing with it or the live bullshit. But, it's his birthday and he asked me to join so I was a slightly sinnister birthday clown.

People who called in were all people he knew and asked to call in but damn, one of the guys who used to be my fried just kept trying to fight and belittle me. But! Like a good clown ;-) I made sure to turn everything into a positive! Fuck those people haha it ended up being fun. Alex made us drinks and joints.

I've been practicing the kalimba, totally love that thing. But, it's not as much as I love my niece named Kalimba.

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