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6-3-2021 Dreadnought practice space & Edit Sesh

The Dreadnought band is really cool, and their practice space was dope to. '

They needed our help ( the DunFurFun company that is founded by Alex and myself, we create videos for local artists and more) They have plans to record their live recording of them making a song and making that into a video. They don't need us there to record it but they had some GoPros that we've used so we were putting them all to the same settings and giving them pointers on where to place them and so on, and we will edit it together for them. Our prices come with many deals and this is a very low cost way of helping make content for a band.

Later in the evening we the DunFurFun crew and Jaz got togeather to edit his music video which we are trading services for him to score The Van film of ours.

The dogs like to keep me company.

No selfie today. But here are some sad wigs that have fallen off their foam heads.

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