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7/10-12/2021 Audition + edit + YOTP fun

This was a callback for a part aht I wanted but, I didn't get. It was done via live zoom feed.


I was having editing issues for Crock'd so I asked Alex and we facetimed.

He had the answers! He guided me to fix the problem.

Heading the Alex's place because that's where our DFF hub is.

Baxter being cute.

Alex lent me his mic and ND filter so I could take photos of my friend for her engagement.

Dropped off the hardrive for Sarah to work off of. But she's a couple weeks late and now on vacation so I may end up just picking it back up and figuring something else out.

Got excited with the YOTP swag

Immediately started making fun of him and we got these fun things out of it for him to promote the shirt and the show, YOTP!

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