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Music for 'The Van' short film 4-14-2021

Dj Jaz is scoring The Van for us as his first scoring project. While I'm being a fatass.

It's my first time having a film scored for one of my own projects! It was a trade off, part of the DunFurFun crew, Alex and I went to the Sand Dunes to shoot a DJ set for him. In return he offered to score this film. We are figuring out how to communicate and agree on the vibe and so on. But, we are getting through it. It definitely goes better when the three of us are there, as soon as Alex left, I didn't know how to talk in music terms and our seshion quickly ended haha. Learning, every day learning.

This photo is displayed leading down the stairs to Jaz's studio. I think it's a great piece and fitting for why we are there, and his field of work. He got this piece passed down from a family framing business needing to downsize, or something to that effect.

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