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My Audition Space 4-13-2021

Video Auditions

Well, this is what it looks like on the outside, my conversion van and audition space. Has the illusion been completely demolished? It's my freedom Moohoohahaha!

I set a curtain for the background, set up the lights if it needs it. Usually I difuse the lights with pieces of sheets or bags, sometimes dimming it isn't enough. This first photo is just an example of my usual set up, but the one I am writing about I shot early Tuesday morning, so it was still bright through the windows, I didn't use the ring lights. Then I set the gopro or a computer, depending on if the audition is live or I can pre record and send it, I typically use a gopro these days.

I usually use the red background, as it looks the most like a theater curtain to me, and I like the estalga of that HAH! But for this audition I tried using a black background instead.

Editing becomes my best friend but, I don't particularly like editing. I still seem to botch it in sound and whatever else. But, here's a photo of what the camera was seeing, and the after quick editing it how it looks.

I sat on my knees so the light would hit my face. I clipped the camera on a little latter that's for the bed in there. The latter is great because I have many levels to set the camera on.

With editing, I had started with free programs online and whatever was on my computer initially, or the library computer, I've used that a lot when I didn't have my computer. Local libraries in America have a lot of different options and resources to help put these together if anyone doesn't have access from home to editing software. If you're on this site and reading my blog for whatever reason and would like to do something similar, you can edit with your phone and various online sites, just gotta kind of comb through them. I use free software to edit photos. I have been lucky to have friends torrent editing software for me.

Currently I am using and paying for Premiere Pro. I only use it because I don't have anyone to read with so, I record the lines separately and tend to need to line them up with my performance, and in this case I needed to crop in and add a vignette so the background would fall off. I took the contrast and things down, which I shouldn't have played with that color because it actually made my eyes more dull, but I was rushing to get this in on time so I didn't fix it.

It's kind of an all or nothing situation like most things. I either don't have anything going on it feels, or everything all at once. With auditions it's similar and sometimes I need to send 5 in a day or several in a week and it doesn't give much room to really get deep into a character, so I've been a little more selective lately. It is super fun to try and do a bunch of different people though.

This particular audition was for a girl during the apocalypse who was described as a controlling tomboy type for a feature film. I should have given this more time and attention or at least taken out the voices heard in the background, it's double dialogue because I didn't memories it all so I sued a headphone can hear it! It's not good, but I got it done. Lately I've been less stoked on auditions and filling up my time with a lot of my own stuff or ongoing projects. But, I miss doing them. I'm glad I did this audition and I hope more present themselves. You get to play the part for the audition.

I prefer in person auditions because I can get instant feedback, I can read the room and determine what they are looking for or at least react from what they give me. Video auditions are essentially a shot in the dark. Here are some lines (sides) a piece of the script that we want you to read with no context around it usually. This one gave a much better character breakdown that most, and I liked the bit of script I read, also the casting director emailed me directly, which makes me want to get the video to them.

Well, this is my blog for the day. I hope you're having a good day so far, or had a wonderful one. I use BackStage for most of where I find my auditions, if you are interested. Each state and country have their own resources and I strongly suggest working locally first but I have enjoyed using since moving back to Colorado. If you're local to colorado or near Albuquerque, I could give you exact sites that might help if you're looking to be a performer. Otherwise, encourage you to make your own stuff if you're interested in making things and being apart of something beautiful or great. It sounds intimidating but, if you're passionate about something there is a way to make things work. I'm not talking about being a star, though I imagine there's a way to do that to, but from me here haha it's more about creating art and expression and things like that.

Okay! Later!

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