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PostModern Shoot 4-9-2021

1st Blog Post! This is a crude quick photo from after shooting.

I don't typically like early mornings, especially after working until early this morning from the night before. But, it was a lot of fun, it usually is with PostModern and Eric though. Eric Paton taught me how to use the Zoom recorder today. He taught me how to set up the shotgun mic, level sounds, and use the lav mic on talent. The "talent" or "actor" as they are more often referred to, needed to read from a teleprompter. So, we learned how to navigate the program on the little tablet that shows the words, and set up the telecomputer. I should have taken a photo of the camera set up, but I didn't, so I will grab images from Google.

With a teleprompter set up, We mount a clear glass right in front of the camera lense then below it, we set the tablet. I have no affiliation with Pocket Cue, that is not the brand we used. However, this is a similar set up so this is the picture that I took from Google.

The clear glass creates a mirror effect. The program that is used on the tablet has an option to flip the text backward so that as it scrolls the actor can read the mirrored words. It looks as if they are looking into the camera, but they are reading a reflection. The glass is so close to the camera lense that the camera sees right through it and doesn't pick up the words at all.

This is my first blog, I'm going to end it here. If you'd like more information let me know and I can expand.

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