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PSA shoot 4-14-2021

PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. Postmodern Production let me help Eric run sound again!

This time Eric has us trying a different lighting technique. Hung some muslin and bouncing light instead of having it directly hit the talent. This is a similar situation as my very first post because we used the telecompter again.

These are funny jobs because I don't know what we are shooting prior to showing up, I get my call time usually the night before I need to be there, I'm not aware of how much I'll be getting paid, I just show up and get a general idea and set stuff up and learn as we go. I know what quality we are looking for and just do the best I can. Figuring it out is really fun, we got to work with kids today! They can be really funny.

I took a selfie a little bit lol. Eric using me as a stand in between me setting up sound and helping him set things up.

My headphones and some of the borrowed sound equipment I will be monitoring today.

The boom that I'll be monitoring along with the lav mic. If you look at that bright light hanging on the top there. That fluorescent bulb is there as a hair light. Lets the subject pop out from the background.

This is my view from close to where I was sitting.

One of the last subjects of the day.

When they are real people and not actors :-)

The first kid who got to read from the teleprompter. They were fascinated with the telecompter set up. But the expressed that they initially felt scammed that they were able to read the lines instead of having to memories it at first haha.

Another colorful selfie. I think we were looking at light measures here. there is a light meter on the desk behind the camera, and these temperature colors would be so cool if it was for ghost hunting. But, it's light sensing as far as I know. But, that's a great idea! I'll be inviting Eric on some ghost hunting and art adventures!

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