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Amanda Graeff

 CoCreator of DUNFURFUN, Producer, Writer, Director, Actress, Artist, Adventurer, and more

I am Amanda Graeff, this is my website and all of these pages express me.  This bitch is a wild one, full of fun and daring adventures.  She, being me, is a bad little B focusing on the Ph in phat and silly in Sillyswippersnapper.

Her directing and writing debut started with 'Creeping Autumn.'  Followed by the film 'THE VAN' which is currently in Post-Production, finished music video of 'OPUS SANTANAS', and currently in Pre-Production for her newest film 'SINNER'S PRIZE'!


Patient Seven


On Her Lips

on her lips  link.jpg

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Amanda wrote, directed, and did the base edit for the music video Opus Santanas.

Like what you hear? Click the link to hear more about Ben Hutcherson, the song, and idea behind the video.


Amanda wrote, directed, and editor of the film currently in Post Production.

About a homeless woman, Alex Bell (played by Amanda Graeff) taking refuge in a broken down conversion van with her dog during a global pandemic.

Amanda's debut to writing, directing, and editing a short film.

creep 3.jpg

Written, Directed, and Edited by Amanda Graeff.  All with the extended help of the DUNFURFUN crew and Janky Jank.

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