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The Van
Created by DunFurFun Productions
About a homeless woman Alex Bell (played by Amanda Graeff) and her dog Friend, taking refuge in a broken down conversion van during a global pandemic.
Finding Love Through Female Domination
Events listed
  • Finding Love Through Female Domination
  • Post productio for the first scene and Pre-Production for the rest of the film.
    • this film is based off of a true story from the book Finding Love Through Female Domination, about an unconventional love.  Renee Lane convinces a man, whom she renames Butler, to become her full time and lifelong slave.
      • Amanda plays RENEE LANE
  • The rest of the film to be shot this year 2021!!
  • Horror Bar Fan Film Promo
    • Pre Production Short Film/ Promo
      • Written and Directed by our very own ERIC PATON! 
        • Amanda Plays SALLY for a Horror Bar promoted, Texas Chainsaw themed short fan film
Dark animaty.jpg
  • The Van
    • Post Production Music with DJ JAZ and sound with Alex Pace
      • short film
        • Amanda Plays ALEX BELL, A young woman surviving homelessness during a pandemic with her dog.
  • Sarah Holle
    • Meeting with Sarah to see if she would like to be apart of our editing team at DUNFURFUN as she just graduated from editing school. 
    • Aspirations  to interview Sarah as an artist for Art Adventures in the future!
      • Amanda is one of the founders of DunFurFun Productions
  • Post Modern Company
    • Ongoing projects - mostly PSA's and Advertisement
      • Amanda is voice over, actor, along with behind the camera help, sound, and PA.  Recurring and ongoing projects.
  • Art Adventures 
    • Ongoing series
    • The exploration and paranormal investigation of a vacant movie theater built in 1908 and refinished for film in the early 1920s.
      • Amanda is the host and creator of ART ADVENTURES
Ed Hager reenactor.jpg
  • Art Adventures 
    • Ongoing series
    •  interview with Ed Hager!  Colorado local fur trade and civil war reenactor!
      • Amanda is the host and creator of ART ADVENTURES
desary Tice.jpg
  • Art Adventures 
    • Ongoing series
    •  interview with Desary Tice and Richie Tice!  Colorado local artist, Desary makes art out of bones and Richie is a musician.  And then we will explore abandoned places near their home!
      • Amanda is the host and creator of ART ADVENTURES
  • Mediocre Cooking 
    • Every month DUNFURFUN shoots 4 episodes, and release an episode every week!
      • Amanda takes on many roles in front of and behind the camera for this series.
  • Shooting
    • TSJC Theater Presents - Beyond the Door! 
      • Amanda is helping TSJC produce and film it's first short film.  This is a result of  lock downs as live theater wasn't able to have an audience.  This may be a reaccuring semester project
  • Sinner's Prize Pre Production 
    • Pre Production - Short Film
      • Written and Directed by Amanda!  
  • Sock Puppet  
    • Pre Production - short film
      • Amanda Plays THE SAVED a sock being torchered or saved by another psycho sock puppet.
art adventures stash jar.jpg
  • Art Adventures 
    • OnGoing -- Post production and shooting - web series
    • Showcasing artist of all mediums to tell us about their passions, along with discussions of the work life and art balance.  As we learn about the artist we also
    • Explore abandoned beauties and culture in their surrounding area.
    • Paranormal Investigation
      • Amanda is the HOST and creator of this art adventure show. 
sand dunes.jpg
  • DJ Doonz 
    • Editing Music Video
      • Amanda was hands on deck for a music video shot at the sand dunes for a DJ set.  Thursday April, 22 Amanda will be there for editing just to give notes and feedback and possibly help more.
janky jank.jpg
  • Doors Between Us
    • Coming Soon to DVD
      • Amanda plays JESSICA MARIE TAMBORINE, an outspoken Christian valley girl, in a raw wild story of strangers trapped together.
  • Pineapple ​​
    • Post Production
      • Amanda plays JENNY a robber stealing gold from an old Klan meeting house, when things take an unexpected turn of goofy events. 
  • 3 Woodchucks 
    • Post Production
      • Amanda Plays EMILY a woman whose significant other attempts to break up with her over the idea that Emily isn't really human.

Amanda has also been writing, directing, producing, and more.  I'll do my best to keep you up to date!  Check out the DUNFURFUN link to see more on that