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5-20&21-2021 Doonz Edit Session + Life stuff

DJ Jaz wasn't able to be there for the edit session of his music video this Thursday, but I was able to be!

We got some cool stuff in. That's homemade Thai Tea in the wine glass.

Then Friday is below, but they are all along the same lines of work, edit edit edit.

Now that we are working with multicam and external audio devices with lav mics and booms all going at the same time. I've invested in pluraleyes. It's supposed to line everything up for you.

So, I party while it loads!

Meanwhile, my boyfriend found a puppy Bull Terrier that terrorised my dog and attacked her. But, I caught him as he lunged, he bit my hand but it wasn't nearly as bad as what I thought he might do to Friend.

I took this video of Friend seeing one of her humans play with this dog without her.

After the interview with National Championship Winner Marksman Edward Hager about his shooting competitions and reenactments, I like to check on the gun stuff. That's not actually why, I have many reasons for looking at bullets and guns, but he was a great source of information and that interview will be coming out soon!

So anyway, it's fun to see how little is on the shelves and how much everything is being sold for.

Also, it seems working on the Finding Love Through Female Domination film has been bringing traffic to the site.

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