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5-7-2021 PostModern Company and fun

PostModern highered me to help shoot an elementary school event.

Mark, who owns this car and has a company called PA-Nation was really fun to work with. Also, Eric was apart of the crew to! PostModern volunteered to shoot a field day type of event for an elementary school. The idea was to do a live zoom feed for all the families and kids at home that couldn't be there this year due to the Covid stuff. So, I was running around with an ipad with a bunch of elementary school kids from 7:45 in the morning till a little after 2 in the afternoon.

I think Eric was confused with me taking a video of him.

Matt had this really cool one wheel thing and a whole charging system in his van that would be perfect for an offgrid conversion van lifestyle.

So, for some reason he showed me his favorite sticker. Honestly, I think this is disturbing no matter what side you're on. I also am kind of tired of people pushing their political views on me while I'm at work. I'm posting this picture, partly because no one views my posts so, whatever, but I also share it because it happens far too often and again, I don't care what side someone is for, I'm sick of politics infiltrating my jobs. Nazi flag innuendos is fucking disturbing. I like the dude, but I don't like that all of the people I work with are super progressives and push it like a mormon at my door.

After this event I rushed to pick Lilith up from school. Lilith is my 8 year old niece. Then I was apart of one of her YouTube videos as they put up birdhouses in the trees Her channel is Lil's Corner.

Then finished the evening with some astro photography with Andrew until midnight or so.

He was trying to capture a beautiful blossom tree with the stars behind it. Then we played with painting with light and I tried to be creepy by sitting in front of the tree and moving my head really fast so it would look like I didn't have a head and goofy stuff like that.

It was a fun day. Very long, I was so very tired by the end of it all. But, I don't sleep much anyway.

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