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6-10-2021 New Legends Meeting & Art talk

The first photographer I've ever worked with Steve Whorton has offered a dream job to me.

This is an old restaurant that's no longer open, but I had gone there as a kid. Now, my brother lives upstairs in this town, that hopefully I can do a good job for. That's the New Legends magazine & I would be providing website content.

This is the exterior of that gorgeous little vacant restaurant and where my brother lives. The building is called the Savoy. It was a whore house in the early 1900s. History is so interesting, isn't it? I love it and it's what the New Legend Magazine is after.

The rooms in this building are all a little different but studio apartments, they are generally narrow with high semi high ceilings. Each room comes with their own sink, but there are communal restrooms in the hall for the rooms that don't have a toilet and tub.

I was down to meat with the creator of the magazine who would like to expand the magazine to have an internet presence and they need video content. Art Adventures is something he is willing to fund me to do in the town. Which is perfect because I was planning on making each season centered around a town. I was telling one of his business partners all of my pans and what we were doing at the old Fox West Theater.

I'm having editing issues with Art Adventures. I want to do it and make it great but I hate editing myself. And I've been editing a heck of a lot of other projects lately. So, I offered to pay Sarah, but she's two weeks past the intended due date :-?

My brother Daniel, did the lights for the play that I am enjoying editing. He kept the party hat I gave him ^_^.

Met with Joe Trujillo who is a local artist of Trinidad, Colorado. He does amazing dark art, I can't wait to interview him. He is currently working on a commission piece for a local business.

Accidently broke her but he gave this beautiful piece to me.

This is the artist we interviewed the last time we were in Trinidad, Colorado. HAHA! caught lol.

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