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6-24-2021 Crock'd

Crock'd is a startup company that highered DunFurFun to create a video for them of them playing with their clay and having a deep conversation while being submersed in doing some art. It's right up my alley of things I want to do. Postmodern handed this job down to us because it wasn't in a price range they could profit from. So, we got to be in charge of the producing plan, shoot, and edit.

This is the building we shot in.

This is my office where I edit. I share the space with a man who's Powerade bottle that is on my desk and Rosie, who is the spider on the left side of the photo.

I took this selfie the day we shot the Crock'd video. I have a stupid smile on my face but these were all the photos I took with my phone that day.

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