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6-8-2021 Medical Campus shoot with EP & Van Sound editing sesh

Eric has gotten me a lot of jobs through this company called Post Modern.

I was a production assistant to Eric for this shoot. So, I helped load/unload and set up equipment, run around with the bounce board outside and while talent was running around in the halls and things like that.

Postmodern has given me the confidence to quit that job I had at the movie theater.

Those film reels all over my calendar were days I was working at the theater. Which was great in the beginning and then became not so great in many ways. I had been a projectionist for, maybe a year, and enjoyed it. I was also serving in the theaters as a waitress. After the pandemic I was mostly just serving for a while.

It's much nicer to only be in the a world I want to be in.

But, as I do all of these jobs now, I am getting a bit spoiled. I've found what I think I want isn't exactly what I want. I want more. I don't just want to be helping hands on a set collecting a paycheck. No, I miss acting and I would like to have more power and control over what I'm creating. But, this journey has been so insightful.

The shoot was about an app that contacts security quickly on this medical college campus.

And then we score with Jaz in the evening for The Van film.

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