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7/14-15/2021 Upwest doc shoot.

Another New York company has used locals to help shoot a documentary style advertisement.

The company has created QR codes for the clothes so that when it's looked up you can see where and how it was made, what it's made with and the best way to recycle the clothing.

In the mall of the store front.

I just like art.

On the way to the warehouse where they put these clothing products together I saw an outdoor theater that seems to be active!

My double bed to myself hotel room.

How I spend my evenings alone.

This is the warehouse.

People making things to sell out of recycled and donated clothing.

This was another shoot that made me respect documentaries even less. An editor/producer from London called in and was directing the interviewees over the phone and asking them to say they are doing things that they are not and it caused a stank on set for about 20 minutes or so. The crew took a break so the owner of the company could gather himself on what was being asked of him to say that he didn't agree with. Eventually they found an agreement which was a stretch to say the company does these things but its possible they could go in that direction. The truth is just as interesting or more interesting than the story they are trying to force out of some of these things.

Beware, even the things that are telling you they are Documentaries aren't trustworthy of reality and truth. Still a fun shoot though.

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