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7/15-18/2021 Emergency family reunion photo shoot

On my way from the fabric shoot that was in Nebraska back to Denver, I got an emergency call from my boyfriend and we headed straight from Denver to the mountains.

They didn't ask me to take photos, but I don't know what else to do with myself and they are nice people who appreciate it.

Apparently, my boyfriend's father had taken the first half of the maderna vaccine, within a week it detreated his lungs so bad that he was given a few months to a year left to live. He's scared, he just retired in February and has full faith in Democracy. Sometimes things don't work out for everyone, and I suggest talking to your doctor before getting anything injected into you. He didn't have any preexisting conditions aside from being diabetic. But, since he hasn't been able to breath much and has been on and off oxygen now he has lost so much weight and is no longer diabetic! Silver linings. His wife reached out to all of his kids including those who hadn't spoken to him in years and they all came down to see him. It was lovely.

Life is delicate, sometimes I wish I was special. Okay, so a lot of the time I wish I was special, but the truth is, I just am, and that's okay to.

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