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7/4-6/2021 Stock footage test & edit

Arianna, Alex, and I are thinking about creating stock footage and have been talking about it. This morning at about 5 in the morning I went to get some footage. I got some while I was at the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch but, the SD card was corrupted so it's all gone.

Alex has started a Punk band with me and a drummer from the Axeslasher band.

It's called Try Harder, and I liked this photo he made and we will probably make it the album cover. We have 4 songs so far. I am vocalist, where I mostly scream because the idea is it's "pissed!". It's super fun, I have vocals down on one track so far and will be recording the rest soon and we hope to have a full album this year.

I would like to expand and do vocals for a few bands. I would like to do a folk band and some other stuff as well :-)

This is my selfie from the 4th of July.

we edited as well but, I didn't take photos this time.

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